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Chin Augmentation
Chin appearance can have a significant impact in overall facial appearance. A chin that is too small will make the lower face look deficient, may make the nose appear to be bigger, and may obscure the neckline and angle of the neck. There are different techniques to improve the chin’s projection, including surgery on the bone (more involved) or more simple implant placement. Occasionally, filler can also be used to augment the chin’s appearance. Chin augmentation surgery and chin augmentation procedures are very common. Your surgeon will assess which procedure is right for you during your consultation.

Most chin procedures involve placing a solid silicone implant through a small incision under the chin or through the mouth. These procedures are relatively easily tolerated and can even be done in the office under local anesthesia. 

Chin implants are commonly put in along with rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) surgery. Solid silicone chin implants are well tolerated by the body and tend to last. More involved procedures including bone work to improve the chin’s appearance (less common) are done in the operating room. Dr. Warner will work with you to determine which technique is right for you.

Local or general

Length of surgery
30 to 60 minutes

Length of stay
Outpatient (home the same day)

Back to work
3 to 7 days

2 weeks

Mild (anticipate 2 to 3 days of prescription pain medication)

Mild to moderate; should be significantly resolved in 2 to 3 weeks

Common, but should fade 2 weeks following surgery


Final result
Appearance will improve for several months following surgery, but the most dramatic results are visible almost immediately.

What types of implants can be used?

In today’s market, there are multiple options when it comes to chin implants. There are different materials and sizes that can be used. You will discuss this with your surgeon and decide what is right for you. The great thing about chin implants is that they are solid and generally do not “break” like other body implants. That means that once the tissues have healed, the implant should ideally last for your lifetime.

Where is the incision for chin surgery?

Incisions can be made either inside of the mouth or underneath the chin. There are pros and cons to each type incision, and your surgeon will discuss these with you. You can then decide which incision is right for you.

I don’t want my chin to look too big – should I be concerned about an implant?

In general, it is difficult to make the chin too big with implant augmentation of the chin. Your surgeon will discuss different types and sizes of implants with you, which should give you a good idea of what to expect following surgery. Dr. Warner has been uniquely trained to do everything possible to give you a natural result.

Will I have numbness following surgery?

There are two major sensory nerves coming out near your chin, and these can be affected during surgery. Fortunately, even if you have some numbness of your lower lip, this is almost always temporary. In cases of persistent numbness, your implant may need to be revised, but this is very rare.

Will I be awake or asleep for surgery?

This is dependent on your preference and also your surgeon’s preference. Chin implant surgery can be done in the office under local for most patients. If you are not undergoing additional procedures that need to be done in the hospital, implant placement in the office is very common. Some patients want to be under “twilight” because they feel it’s more comfortable than local anesthetic or because they are undergoing additional procedures (like a facelift). Some patients who definitely want to have the procedure done in the hospital also prefer “twilight” because they feel it is safer than general anesthesia. Other patients prefer general anesthesia because they just “want to be out” and not know what’s going on. It is important to keep in mind that general anesthesia is very safe for those patients who are generally healthy. You will discuss your anesthetic options with your surgeon during the consultation and you can decide together what is right for you.

Why did my surgeon talk about my entire face during my consultation?

Facial harmony is a term used to describe how all of the different components of your face fit together to create an overall pleasing appearance. When you have finally decided that you would like to speak to a surgeon regarding your eyes, you should expect a thoughtful and thorough discussion. You should arrive at the consultation prepared to discuss your specific concerns related to your chin. It is important that the surgeon understand exactly what is bothering you. He or she will then discuss these issues with you and provide you with options.

A thorough facial evaluation in preparation for surgery will entail your surgeon discussing your entire face with you, not just your expressed concerns. This is done for multiple reasons. First, it is important that you understand the aging process and what is happening to your facial tissues. Second, your overall facial appearance is made up of many components – changing only the thing you have pointed out to your surgeon may have an impact on another part of your overall facial harmony. Third, if you are thinking about more than one aspect of your face, it is often easier to undergo one operation rather than a second operation in the future. And lastly, your surgeon wants you to have the most exceptional results possible and will discuss not only your concerns, but what he or she feels may be necessary to help you achieve that goal.

It is common to also undergo liposuction of the neck in order to help achieve an ideal chin/neck contour, and this may be discussed during your consultation.

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