Facial Harmony and Cosmetic Surgery: Achieving Natural, Balanced Aesthetics

Aesthetically speaking, facial appearance is created from many different aesthetic components of the face. The eyes, nose, lips, chin, facial soft tissues, skin, and hair all contribute to one’s overall facial appearance. Balancing these components will provide an overall pleasing appearance to the face – an appearance that we refer to as “harmonious.” When one of these components stands out from the rest and becomes abnormal, it can change the overall harmony of the face, often causing distress and dissatisfaction. For example, if one’s nose is proportionally too big, too crooked, or otherwise unpleasing, it may detract from one’s overall facial appearance and appear to stand out.

When this imbalance becomes bothersome to a patient, it is a good time to discuss surgery. The goal of surgery is to restore overall facial harmony by sculpting the facial features to a more pleasing size or shape, giving a natural result. A result that looks overdone, or “surgical,” will continue to distract from one’s overall facial harmony. Specific ethnic traits should be preserved at the patient’s request. The ultimate goal is to achieve a natural and more refreshed or harmonious appearance.

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Preparing for Your Consultation with Dr. Warner

When you have finally decided that you would like to speak to a surgeon, you should expect a thoughtful and thorough discussion. You should arrive at the consultation prepared to discuss your specific concerns related to your facial appearance. It is important that the surgeon understands exactly what is bothering you. He or she will then discuss these issues with you, give you a detailed examination, and provide you with options. A thorough facial evaluation in preparation for surgery may entail your surgeon discussing other areas of your face, not just your expressed concerns.

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This may be done because overall facial harmony can involve multiple areas of the face, and it is often necessary to discuss the overall balance and how your specific concerns fit into this overall picture. You will also get to know your surgeon during this consultation to make sure you feel comfortable – a process that is very important. You will be given the opportunity to view before and after photos and make sure that all of your questions are answered. A quote will then be prepared and given to you at the end of your consultation so that you will have a good idea of how much your procedure will cost. Once you have decided on a surgery date, you will meet with your surgeon a second time prior to surgery to go over your plan again, make sure all of your questions are answered, go over post-operative instructions on care, and sign your consent forms. Dr. Warner strives to develop strong personal and long-lasting relationships with his patients and looks forward to meeting with you to discuss your concerns.

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