Balance Your Facial Features Beautifully

Enhancing the balance and harmony of your facial features is a crucial focus at The Warner Institute in Northfield. With our expertise in chin augmentation procedures, we offer tailored solutions to help you achieve your desired facial contour. Our skilled team, led by the respected Dr. Jeremy Warner, specializes in providing natural-looking and long-lasting results, whether through implant placement or other techniques.

What Is Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the appearance of the chin by improving its projection, shape, and overall balance with other facial features. This procedure is carried out through various techniques, including implant placement, filler injections, or more complex bone-related procedures. The goal of chin augmentation is to create a harmonious and well-proportioned facial contour, improving the overall aesthetics of the lower face.

The Benefits Of Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation offers a range of benefits to individuals seeking to enhance their facial aesthetics and achieve a more balanced look. Thanks to this procedure, patients can experience:

Enhanced Facial Harmony:

A balanced chin creates better overall facial symmetry, improving the aesthetics of the entire face.

Enhanced Profile:

Correcting a receding or weak chin can significantly improve one's side profile, contributing to a more attractive and youthful look.

Enhanced Self-Confidence:

Many patients report increased self-esteem and confidence as they achieve a more pleasing facial contour.

Improved Jawline Definition:

Chin augmentation can provide a better definition of the jawline, creating a vital, more youthful appearance.

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Is Chin Augmentation Right For Me?

Chin augmentation is an excellent option for individuals looking to address concerns about the size, shape, or projection of their chin. If you have a weak or receding chin, feel self-conscious about your chin size or shape, desire improved facial balance and harmony, or wish to enhance your profile's appearance, you could benefit from chin augmentation. Ultimately, the best way to determine if chin augmentation is the right fit for your needs is through a personalized consultation with The Warner Institute. We will assess your unique goals, concerns, and anatomy to recommend the most appropriate treatment plan.

The Chin Augmentation ProcedureWhat To Expect

The chin augmentation procedure, or genioplasty, typically involves placing a solid silicone implant through a small incision under the chin or through the mouth. The body tolerates it well, and it tends to yield long-lasting results. Chin augmentation can also be performed with other facial procedures, such as rhinoplasty, for comprehensive facial enhancement. This procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia. If combined with another procedure, general anesthesia may be employed.

This procedure generally takes about 15 minutes, making it relatively brief. In less standard procedures, bone work is needed to enhance the chin's appearance. These more involved procedures are typically performed in an operating room. During this process, we may manipulate the bone structure to achieve the desired improvements in chin projection and contour. These more complex techniques are reserved for specific cases carefully tailored to meet the patient's unique needs and cosmetic goals.

Chin Augmentation Recovery

After chin augmentation, patients can expect a relatively straightforward recovery process. Typically, there is mild discomfort for about 2 to 3 days, which you can manage with prescription pain medication. Swelling, ranging from mild to moderate, will significantly resolve within 2 to 3 weeks. Common bruising, if present, usually fades within two weeks following the procedure. While minimal bandages may be needed, there's no extended downtime. Most patients can return to work within 3 to 7 days, and you can typically resume strenuous exercise after about two weeks.

We will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your progress and ensure you're healing as expected. Throughout the recovery period, the results of your chin augmentation will gradually become more evident, contributing to a more balanced facial contour and improved overall facial aesthetics. As with any surgical procedure, individual recovery experiences may vary, so it's important to follow our post-operative care instructions and attend all recommended follow-up appointments to ensure a smooth and successful recovery process.

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Why Choose The Warner Institute?

At The Warner Institute, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results and providing a personalized experience for our patients. Dr. Jeremy Warner, a distinguished facial plastic surgeon, leads our practice, ensuring you receive expert care and exceptional artistry in facial aesthetics. If you're seeking chin augmentation in Chicago, you can rely on The Warner Institute to deliver the natural-looking, transformative results you desire. To begin your journey towards a more balanced and harmonious facial contour, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us today.

Chin Augmentation FAQ

What types of implants can be used?

Where is the incision for chin surgery?

I don’t want my chin to look too big – should I be concerned about an implant?

Will I have numbness following surgery?

Will I be awake or asleep for surgery?

Why did my surgeon talk about my entire face during my consultation?

What types of implants can be used?

In today’s market, there are multiple options for chin implants involving different materials and sizes. You will discuss this with your surgeon and decide what is right for you. The great thing about chin implants is that they are solid and generally do not “break” like other body implants. That means that once the tissues have healed, the implant should ideally last your lifetime.

Where is the incision for chin surgery?

Incisions can be made either inside the mouth or underneath the chin. There are pros and cons to each type of incision, and your surgeon will discuss these with you. You can then decide which incision is right for you.

I don’t want my chin to look too big – should I be concerned about an implant?

It is generally challenging to make the chin too big with implant augmentation. Your surgeon will discuss different types and sizes of implants with you, giving you a good idea of what to expect following surgery. Dr. Warner and our team have been uniquely trained to do everything possible to provide you with a natural result.

Will I have numbness following surgery?

Two major sensory nerves are coming out near your chin, which can be affected during surgery. Fortunately, even if you have some numbness in your lower lip, this is almost always temporary. In cases of persistent numbness, your implant may need to be revised, but this is very rare.

Will I be awake or asleep for surgery?

Whether you are awake or asleep for surgery is dependent on your preference and also your surgeon’s preference. We can perform chin implant surgery in the local office for most patients. If you are not undergoing additional procedures that need to be done in the hospital, implant placement in the office is very common. Some patients want to be under “twilight” because they feel it’s more comfortable than local anesthetic or because they are undergoing additional procedures (like a facelift). Some patients who want to have the procedure done in the hospital also prefer “twilight” because they feel it is safer than general anesthesia. Other patients choose general anesthesia because they “want to be out” and not know what’s going on. It is essential to remember that general anesthesia is very safe for those patients who are generally healthy. You will discuss your anesthetic options with your surgeon during the consultation, and you can decide what is right for you.

Why did my surgeon talk about my entire face during my consultation?

Facial harmony is a term used to describe how all of the different components of your face fit together to create an overall pleasing appearance. When you have finally decided that you would like to speak to a surgeon regarding your eyes, you should expect a thoughtful and thorough discussion. It would be best if you arrived at the consultation prepared to discuss your concerns about your chin. We want to understand what exactly is bothering you, discuss these issues with you, and provide you with options. A thorough facial evaluation in preparation for surgery will entail your surgeon discussing your entire face with you, not just your expressed concerns. This evaluation is executed for multiple reasons. First, it is vital that you understand the aging process and what is happening to your facial tissues. Second, your overall facial appearance is made up of many components – changing only the thing you have pointed out to your surgeon may have an impact on another part of your overall facial harmony. Third, if you are thinking about more than one aspect of your face, it is often easier to undergo one operation rather than a second operation in the future. Lastly, we want you to have the most exceptional results possible - we will discuss your concerns and what our team feels may be necessary to help you achieve that goal. It is also expected to undergo neck liposuction to help achieve an ideal chin/neck contour, and we can discuss this during your consultation.

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