The Warner Institute Testimonials Speak Volumes

These are the heartfelt narratives of those who found solace and transformation at The Warner Institute. When it comes to facial plastic surgery, Dr. Jeremy Warner is renowned not only for his unparalleled expertise but also for his ability to address challenges that other professionals might find impossible. Our testimonials echo the sentiments of countless individuals who discovered physical restoration and a renewed sense of confidence.

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I recently decided to have blepharoplasty for my sagging eyelids. I was referred by a dear friend to Dr. Warner.  I cannot begin to express my appreciation to Dr. Warner and his entire staff for a truly positive experience.  Even though it was elective I was very nervous the day of surgery. Both Dr. Warner and his staff ensured I was comfortable, relaxed, and ready for my procedure.  Dr. Warner’s expertise and bedside manner are truly the benchmark of excellence.   His staff is amazing - friendly, knowledgeable, supportive, and compassionate.  I am thrilled with the results and have the highest regard for Dr. Warner. I highly recommend him and his entire team!

Christine Walsh

I’m 58 and was feeling that I was looking old and tired. I met Dr Warner immediately loved him. He did such a fantastic job on my brow lift and upper and lower eyes. I will be coming back for a lower facelift next year.  I see him for my maintenance injections. Love Love Love him and the whole staff they are great.

Lynda Mottola

Dr. Warner is a true artist and miracle worker. My wife recently had skin cancer on her cheek and required reconstructive surgery. She ended up getting a face lift and neck lift. She looks fantastic!

In my wife’s own words:

“I’m in tears of joy on how beautiful I look and how easy this process Dr. Warner made this for me. He has a great bedside manner and is truly the best at what he does. Dr. Warner and his office staff are remarkable.”

Bob Caras

Dr. Warner and his team are so wonderful, friendly and professional. I had the most amazing experience, everyone makes you feel so comfortable!
I am extremely happy with my outcome  and definitely recommend! Thank you Dr. Warner, Brittany and Meghan.. you guys are AMAZING!!!!!!

Anna Dean

I just turned 70 and my age or rather my appearance hit me like a ton of bricks. My dermatologist suggested that I had reached the point where the fillers I had been using for years were no longer going to give me the appearance improvements that I wanted. It was a nice way of saying I needed some “extra” help. He recommended a plastic surgeon that had developed a very unique in office facelift.
I made an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Warner of The Warner Institute. I was pretty skeptical that a face and neck lift could be done in an hour and a half, in his office, without anesthesia (like twilight) and that I could basically walk out myself.
No matter how many questions I asked Dr Warner his responses were totally logical, rational and credible. I’m an analytical chemist by training and tend to get great pleasure by  asking difficult questions. During the consult none of my questions elicited concerning responses and he was incredibly patient. (Or tolerant?)
It is now 5 weeks since I had it done. The recovery was really easy tho. Minimal bruising that disappeared quickly, some face and neck numbness that is almost completely gone and absolutely no visible signs that I had a facelift - only people asking me if I have been on vacation. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and wish I hadn’t waited so long to do it!

Debra Disbrow

Dr. Warner and his staff were very friendly and attentive. After I had a unique problem 11 months after my surgery, Dr. Warner saw me every week to prescribe medication and had his staff call in and check on me until I recovered. I was very pleased overall with the results as well. Dr. Warner gave me realistic expectations based on my skin type and age, which I appreciated. I needed to know the realistic outcome before the surgery, and therefore was not disappointed and quite pleased because it came out better than we both expected! I highly recommend Dr. Warner and his staff.

Tina Riemer

I wanted to write a quick comment about the amazing experience I received while under the care of Dr. Warner and his team at Warner Aesthetic & Reconstructive Institute. Top of mind for me when I was considering rhinoplasty was reputation and competency. Dr Warner is a resounding YES to both. His reputation is known across the entire Chicagoland area and I am absolutely thrilled with my results. So much so, that I entrusted Dr Warner to perform rhinoplasty on my daughter. From my initial consultation to post operation follow up’s, the entire team at Warner Institute was on point, amazingly helpful, friendly and above all competent. I know rhinoplasty is a major decision and should not be taken lightly, but with that said, I 100% recommend Dr Warner and his entire team! 5-star experience wonderful results. Thank you Dr Warner!

Don Brockman

Extremely happy with my decision to go see Dr. Warner and his staff for my operation. They were all very professional and welcoming people and easy to schedule appointments with. Not only did he do a perfect job, there were multiple post-op checkups to ensure the healing process went smoothly and that I was happy with the result. I’d recommend him to anyone.

Gavin Cernek

I was recommended by a friend to go to Dr. Warner for a chin implant/liposuction and Dr. Warner went beyond my expectations. From pre-surgery, surgery, all the way to recovery I’ve been beyond pleased with the patient service and my healing. I would recommend Dr. Warner to anyone and trust his team to go above and beyond!

Maureen Andersen

I highly recommend Dr. Warner!  He did a amazing job on fixing my semi botched nose from a previous plastic surgeon. His staff were always accessible and helpful. You can ask him anything and he will give you a honest response. He is very detailed. The whole experience from beginning to end felt easy and stress free. I am happy and feel confident! Thank you Dr. Warner and staff.

Jacquelyn Agostinelli

Warner Institute was absolutely the right choice for me. The staff is so friendly and accomdating and my recovery process would not have been as smooth without them.

Rebecca Sullivan

Jeremy Warner MD. is a true artist. My lesion was on my face and involved quite a number of stitches due to the length of the necessary cutting. The atmosphere of the office was professional, but also relaxed and casual with a quirky selection of music which helped lighten my anxiety. Dr. Warners assistant Vanessa was very adept at her job and always at the ready with the required instruments and supplies. After the surgery, Vanessa informed me of what I should expect, but also gave me a detailed sheet reviewing what my job would be in keeping things proper. Dr. Warner was gentle when injecting the anesthesia and all steps thereafter were clearly articulated. He emphasized why he was making certain cuts as he went along and wanted me to understand the process. The entire experience at their new facility was extremely easy and comfortable. Thanks to Dr. Warner and his staff, I certainly felt that I was in the best of hands.

David Nash

I had a a lower blesh in March 2022. I was nervous like anyone else. But I had incredible experience with Dr Jeremy Warner and his amazing team. I am super super happy and I could not be more pleased with my result.
Dr Warner is amazon and his team was great.
I was awake during the procedure. I took only one pill 30 minutes before surgery that Dr prescribed it worked perfectly.
No pain during procedure or after procedure.
Recovery went very well. Some bruises, took about 2 weeks and totally gone.
Again Dr Warner is amazing surgeon, very friendly, he has a good sense of humor, and his smile makes you feel comfortable.
If you’re looking to get this procedure done I would very  highly recommend seen DR WARNER.

Bahar Aksoy

Dr. Warner changed my life! I was afraid of getting secondary surgery after an unfortunate previous surgery with another doctor. Dr. Warner comforted me and took so much attention to detail every step of the way. I couldn't recommend him more to anyone who asks. Thank you so much.

Taylor Bodman

I have seen Dr. Warner for post-Mohs reconstructive surgery on my right upper cheekbone/just below my eye. Other doctors warned me of how complicated this reconstructive surgery would be, due to the delicate location and size of the hole. When I had my consultation with Dr. Warner, he put me at ease. He was relaxed and confident, which helped me to go into the surgery feeling optimistic about the outcome.

The results are quite impressive; my facial symmetry was maintained, and the area was reconstructed beautifully. Dr. Warner’s work on my face has impressed all of my other doctors (The Mohs surgeon, dermatologists, etc.), plus my friends and family!

I also want to shoutout the staff at the Warner Institute. From scheduling the surgery, to checking in at the front desk, to his surgical assistants in the room, I felt fully taken care of. They were pleasant and responsive.

As I continue to go back for checkups and tweaks, I actually look forward to my appointments with Dr. Warner!

Angela Renee

Around 18 years ago, I was born with a cleft lip and had some work done for a deviated septum. While i had my cleft lip fixed when I was much younger, Dr. Warner touched up my upper lip and it’s been roughly 3 months since my operation and so far the results have been incredible. Even while still having some swelling, I can breath effectively through my nose for the first time EVER!! Also, on the cosmetic side, it should go without saying I would highly recommend Dr. Warner for his compassionate care as well as his extraordinary level of skill. I should also note the entire office has been nothing but helpful and makes everything easy.

Jeffrey Garvalia

Dr. Warner and his staff were professional and helpful.
Dr. Warner identified the problem, and reassured me that he could help solve my issue.
I had my surgery on a Friday, someone called me on Saturday  morning to make sure, I was OK. Which I really appreciate.
Big thanks to Dr. Warner and his staff for treating me with kindness.

Harvey Cooper

Kind, timely, and simply amazing! These are all attributes you will be met with the moment you  walk through the doors of Dr. Warner's practice!  Dr. Warner was knowledgeable and was able to provide me with excellent consultation. His staff was friendly and I felt right at home. working with Dr. Warner truly put me at a sense of ease, leaving me smiling from ear to ear!
I was blown away by the results he was able to produce for me.

Bryant McCray

Dr. Warner and his entire team were incredible.  I went in for rhinoplasty and absolutely love my results.  Everyone was so friendly through the entire process. I’m so happy I made the decision to choose Dr.Warner!

Ainsley Noonan

Anyone researching Rhinoplasty's or Rhinoplasty revisions...look no further. Dr. Warner and his team put me at ease. In 2016, I had my rhinoplasty done by a previous surgeon. My breathing did not improve and the structure of my nose was deformed. I had no confidence left in myself. Years after my surgery and hours of research, I came across Dr. Warner's website. In 2021, I scheduled my consultation and I knew instantly when I met Dr. Warner, that he was the one! The confidence Dr. Warner installed in me by fixing not only my breathing, but the structure of my nose is unbelievable. With an eye of an artist, Dr. Warner is excellent at analyzing one’s face and creating a beautiful nose.

I cannot recommend and thank Dr. Warner and his team enough! Thank you for giving me my confidence back!

Carly Abbate

Such an easy process working with Dr. Warner & his staff! Everyone is very helpful and attention & helps you through the process. I am beyond thrilled with the results of my nose, it is very natural & fitting for my face. Best decision!

Alexa Frumm

I recently had a rhinoplasty with Dr. Warner, and I could not be happier with the results. His bedside manner is perfect. He gave me exactly what I wanted, despite it being more dramatic than his normal preference. My recovery has been much easier and faster than I expected. I just cannot say enough positive things. I’m so happy!!!

Sara Mielke

This is the first review and only review I have ever written.  This Doctor and his team are incredible.  The whole process of dealing with a surgery on my face was stressful.  Not only was that outcome incredible, the experience could not have been better.  What a gifted surgeon.

Freddie Wolner

Dr Warner came highly recommended to me as the best rhinoplasty cosmetic surgeon on the North Shore. After interviewing a few surgeons I chose Dr. Warner for my rhinoplasty.  He was wonderful throughout and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  I give Dr Warner my highest recommendation!

Erica Swerdlow

Fantastic Dr. and Team. I highly recommend this caring group. They were available to answer all of my questions and their confidence and expertise put me at ease.  I was referred to Dr. Warner by a friend of mine who works in the industry but not for Dr. Warner.  That referral told me how highly regarded Dr. Warner is amongst his peers.

Jennifer Kennaugh

Dr Warner and all of his staff are always kind and welcoming. I appreciated their support and was very pleased with how the team worked together to make sure everything went great!

Karla Fogel

Dr. Warner made the whole process from start to finish better than I could have expected. All of the staff makes you feel like you’re in a warm, friendly environment; not a doctors office.

Nava Porush

Dr. Warner is the best of the best! Quite literally, the only person I will ever trust near my face. I recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Simaye Beenie

The staff at Warner aesthetics is incredible comforting, kind and it’s like a family. I love how they run their business efficient , nice staff and the best plastic surgeon in the north shore.

Nicole Leahy

I’ve been going to Dr. Warner for many years and he is one of the best doctors I know. I refer all my friends and family to him and everyone has been extremely happy!

Sylvia Wier

The Warner Institute has such wonderful services and products, a very trustworthy group.

Dorothea Stoll

Great experience with Dr. Warner. Would recommend him to anyone! Thank you again!

Lauren Richert

Amazing experience and results.

Kailey Tripoli

Everything went very smoothly!

Markie Condon

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