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Facelift / Necklift

Many patients presenting for facelift and necklift surgery often say that when they look in the mirror, they a see an old and aged reflection, but feel young and refreshed on the inside. To quote the usual patient, “I feel like I’m still thirty years old on the inside, but I look in the mirror and see my mother!” This is true of most patients – while we continue to age physically, most of us still feel young and vibrant on the inside. And it’s not only women that feel this way – many men undergo facelift surgery for the same reason.

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure designed to lift the soft tissues back to where they belong, thus improving cheek and jawline contour. It may also help to smooth and firm the skin, providing a fresh, youthful appearance. Additionally, fat injections may be used to improve the volume of the face.

A neck lift removes excess fat, skin, bands, and restores a smooth, refined appearance to the neck. It can also improve the appearance of the neck by creating more definition of the angle of the jaw. Neck rejuvenation may involve only liposuction, or may be more involved and require tightening of the muscles and removal of skin. The vast majority of the time, a necklift is combined with a facelift, or at least a lower facelift, to improve the overall appearance of the neck and jawline. This will be discussed with you during your surgical consultation.

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