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Northbrook Facetite

Warner Institute is now offering Inmode Facetite and Bodytite to patients in the Northbrook and entire North Shore area. Dr. Warner is a leading double board-certified surgeon who uses the best in cutting edge technology to get results that help individuals reach their body image goals. Bodytite and Facetite are advanced contouring systems that help treat smaller areas without invasive surgery.

Northbrook Bodytite

Facetite is a safe and effective way to reduce fat and contract facial areas, and Dr. Warner is a dedicated plastic surgeon who helps many get the results they want fast. Northbrook is a scenic northern Illinois village that offers beautiful parks for its 33,170 residents to enjoy along the Chicago River’s North Branch. If you are looking to regain the contour you want without surgery, Bodytite may be right for you.

Warner Institute can help you firm your skin and look years younger with Facetite radiofrequency (RF) technology. Dr. Warner can now get results that could have previously only been achieved with excisional procedures with Bodytite and Facetite. Get superior results without long healing times. Contact us to learn more about how you can reduce fat, increase skin laxity, and contour with precision. Dr. Warner offers FREE consultations so call today to schedule an appointment.

Northbrook Facetite | Northbrook Bodytite