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Skokie Body Contouring

You can now get rid of stubborn fat with a minimally invasive procedure that delivers body sculpting that could only be achieved previously with a surgical procedure. Warner Institute provides dramatic slimming and body contouring with minimal recovery and scarring. Dr. Warner uses a body sculpting procedure that helps his Skokie area patients eliminate fat without any incisions.

Skokie Body Sculpting

Warner Institute’s body contouring is more versatile, comfortable, and faster than traditional surgical procedures. Skokie is a diverse community with 64,784 residents and is the national “Gold Medal For Excellence” winner for parks and recreation management. Dr. Warner is a trusted plastic surgeon known for his skill and professionalism. Get body sculpting that delivers proven results. Dr. Warner will discuss your options and help you reach your image goals.

At Warner Institute, we treat every patient as an individual case because there are no two bodies alike. At your initial appointment for body contouring, Dr. Warner will determine if you are a candidate for Inmode body sculpting along with going over the benefits, cost, and recovery time. If you would like to learn more about our body contouring procedure, contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation.

Skokie Body Contouring | Skokie Body Sculpting