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Wilmette Body Contouring

Get dramatic non-surgical body contouring results at Warner Institute. Many of our patients have specific areas of the body that do not seem to respond well to diet and exercise. Dr. Warner is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who commits to helping individuals get the physique they desire using state-of-the-art Inmode body sculpting technology. Many of our Wilmette patients get superior results with minimal recovery time and scarring.

Wilmette Body Sculpting

Warner Institute provides patients with the most advanced procedures and techniques for body contouring so that you get maximum benefits. Wilmette, Illinois, is a thriving village located on the western shore of Lake Michigan, approximately 14 miles north of Chicago, and has a population of 27,087. Now is the time to eliminate stubborn fat, reduce sagging skin, and tone tissue with our body sculpting procedure.

A few of the benefits Inmode body sculpting offers are up to 40% tighter skin, no visible scars, and treatment typically takes 60 minutes or less. Warner Institute takes pride in educating our patients, and Dr. Warner will answer all your questions and give you the cost of body contouring at your initial appointment. Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation and take the first step to become a more confident you.

Wilmette Body Contouring | Wilmette Body Sculpting