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Wilmette Facetite

Regain the confidence you want with a minimally invasive body and facial contouring at Warner Institute. Dr. Warner helps patients in Wilmette and the surrounding Chicago area eliminate stubborn fat while tightening loose skin with Inmode Facetite and Bodytite procedures. Dr. Warner can achieve results that were previously only achieved through excisional surgical procedures.

Wilmette Bodytite

Warner Institute offers both men and women an opportunity to slim and contour their physiques through advanced Facetite and Bodytite radiofrequency (RF) technology. Wilmette is a lovely suburb with 27,087 residents located just 14 miles north of Chicago, bordering Lake Michigan. Dr. Warner is a sought after world-renowned double board-certified surgeon who takes some of the most complex facial procedures. Many refer to Bodytite as it is a scarless procedure.

Bodytite and Facetite use an FDA-approved RF device to dissolve stubborn fat cells while simultaneously improving skin tightness. Warner Institute educates patients regarding the best approach and treatment plan to help them reach their body image goals. Dr. Warner will take the time to answer all of your questions regarding Bodytite and Facetite. Contact our office to schedule a FREE consultation.

Wilmette Facetite | Wilmette Bodytite